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Over the years, Cheasty, Cheasty & Malek, LLP has helped countless clients get the compensation they needed. Our skilled attorneys have won millions of dollars on behalf of our injured clients and we can help you, too. With extensive legal experience under our belts, there is no case too large or complex for us to handle. To learn more about our past cases and victories, please feel free to read about them here or contact us and speak with one of our knowledgeable team members. We look forward to meeting you and assisting you with all your personal injury needs.

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    • Pedestrian v. Cab $750,000 Settlement
      Pedestrian v. Cab $750,000 Settlement $750,000 Settlement

      Pedestrian struck by cab in San Francisco. Liability was heavily disputed and cab driver claimed the pedestrian ran in front of him and caused his own injuries.

    • Wrongful Death of Beloved Community Senior. $500,000 Settlement
      Wrongful Death of Beloved Community Senior. $500,000 Settlement $500,000 Settlement

      In 2010 Robert Cheasty represented the family of a beloved senior citizen of the City of Albany, who was hit in a crosswalk by the driver of a pickup truck. The driver had stopped for a couple of drinks after work. The fatally struck 85 year-old volunteer was a decorated member of the Albany community whose good works for literacy, the environment, seniors and the County Library won her numerous awards and accolades. The case was settled for $500,000 in the face of trial.

    • Court Issues $7,046,465 Judgment In Wrongful Death Case
      Court Issues $7,046,465 Judgment In Wrongful Death Case $7,046,465 Judgment

      In 2011 Robert Cheasty represented stabbing victim Lukas Vera, and the family of Juan Ramos, fatally stabbed, in a trial where the family of Juan Ramos and where Lukas Vera were awarded a total of $7,046,465.72. This case shocked the community when four boys were stabbed and one died at a high school party in Berkeley, California, attended by over 100 high schoolers. The kids, many of whom were minors at the time (2006), came from Berkeley High School, Albany High and El Cerrito High. Word of the party was posted on MySpace. The stabbing grew out of a small altercation just outside the house between a drunken skate boarder from Berkeley High and a boy from Albany High. That altercation wound down but a group of Berkeley High students emerged from the house, with the stabber at the lead, and reigniting the argument, starting a pushing and shoving fight as the stabber pulled out his knife and stabbed four boys, one fatally. All four boys ended up in the hospital. The Cheasty Firm identified over 100 students at the party, interviewing most of them, and shared its investigation with the police. The boy who did the stabbing was eventually sent to prison for voluntary manslaughter.

    • Court Upholds $53,000,000 Judgment Against Oakland Drunk Driver
      Court Upholds $53,000,000 Judgment Against Oakland Drunk Driver $53,000,000 Judgment

      OAKLAND A state appeals court has upheld a $53 million judgment against a drunken driver who broadsided a Berkeley woman who almost died from her injuries. Earlier this month, a state appellate court in San Francisco dismissed an appeal of the ruling against Tyrone Hazel of Oakland. Hazel was convicted of drunken driving with great bodily injury in connection with the accident in Oakland in 2000 and served about 10 months in a furlough program. Hazel, who was 22 at the time of the accident, said he was speeding to a family emergency after a night of drinking and playing cards when he slammed into Theresa Johnson of Berkeley, who was headed to work at Oakland International Airport. Earlier this year, Johnson, 35, won a $53 million verdict in Alameda County Superior Court for her pain and suffering. Legal experts say it’s one of the largest amounts ever won by a victim of drunk driving. The accident left her with a crushed pelvis and punctured lungs, and she has since undergone four major surgeries. “The courts have delivered a no-nonsense message — drunk drivers will no longer be coddled,” said Johnson’s attorney, Robert Cheasty. “Our courts will make them pay for the sorrow and wreckage they cause.” In October, Hazel said he would like to pay Johnson but said he did not have a job and that no amount of money will change what happened to her. Johnson said Monday she does not expect to see any money but was pleased with the judgment. “It’s not so much about the money, but he should be accountable in some other way,” Johnson said. “He should be made to pay in some other way because he cannot pay financially.” (Associated Press)