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Attorney Robert Cheasty Obtains $14.5 Million for Client

Our legal team at Cheasty, Cheasty & Malek, LLP is pleased to announce that our attorney, Robert Cheasty, secured a $14.5 million case result on behalf of one of our clients.

The case involved a comprehensive prenuptial agreement that disallowed our client any part of her husband’s business. Attorney Cheasty was able to overcome the prenuptial agreement on the following grounds:

  • Our client was an immigrant who speaks limited English, and the agreements she entered into were never translated for her. 
  • There was not a distant enough relationship between the husband and his lawyer and the lawyer hired to represent our client when she signed the prenuptial agreement.
  • The prenuptial agreement was presented to our client right before the wedding, despite the fact that the husband had been planning and working on this agreement with his lawyer for many weeks.
  • Although the husband had the business before the marriage, the marriage was long term and our client had spent almost two decades working alongside the husband to build up the business, and she had been an integral part of making the business successful.

The case was hotly disputed by our client’s husband, but ultimately, the matter settled just before trial after significant litigation and multiple court appearances. In order to achieve this positive case result, attorney Cheasty worked to devise a system of trusts that would benefit the couple’s child as well as the wife, eventually creating an atmosphere of mutual concern for the welfare of the child.

Although our attorneys at Cheasty, Cheasty & Malek, LLP do not normally handle family law cases, this client had a special relationship with our office, and the unjust position taken by the husband called for us to make an exception.

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